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Demend For Project

Dear Reader,
The “SANGHAMITTA SEBA SANGHA” Orphanage counts now more than 177 young girls and theyare taken care of by His Venerable Ven. U Wee Shudha Mahathero.
These children who have lost their parents are coming from the surrounding area and have been adopted by the Pagoda of Taingkhali but their living conditions are harsh.
The children and His Venerable Ven. U Wee Shudha Mahathero are facing difficult circumstances; there are no regular funds to permit buying every day’s provisions to prepare their food and bye their cloths while everything depends on the charity of the poor population living in the same area. The orphanage, like all the other villages, is located in a very forgotten and isolated area that can be described as a seriously poor and underdeveloped region of Bangladesh where even no NGOs or other development organisations are operating.These particular children have no one else to look after for but the Most Venerable Ven. U Wee Shudha Mahathero who has no resources and is fully dependent on the charity of others.Life is a hardship and a burden for the Venerable Ven. U Wee Shudha Mahathero who does everything in his power to protect his orphanage with the 177 young children. Any time when more children are coming to the orphanage they will be accepted nevertheless the economic problems the orphanage is facing. Over the past two years, the number of children in the orphanage raised from 40 to 73 as many people die from malaria and dysentery in this region while there is no healthcare.
As there are no donors or sponsors who are supporting the Pagoda, housing the orphans, not only food, clothing and school materials form a major yoke for the monk, but there are also healthcare problems while money resources are scarce.
One may even not imagine that the construction is a Pagoda wherein they are living while one can only observe one shaky bamboo construction with a roof of foliage.
His Venerable Ven. U Wee Shudha Mahathero is supporting with all his faith his project but has no means to give the correct support to these rootless and homeless children. His Venerable Ven. U Wee Shudha Mahathero has given all that he has and that is a shelter in the Pagoda, but the housing conditions are such that the situation has become impracticable.
The roof of the Pagoda where everybody is lodging is old and needs replacement, as during the rains water is penetrating through the roof and many children suffer from cold and humidity and easily get sick as they sleep on the earthen floor.
In addition, the two rooms to sleep in are just too small and evidently overcrowded and the situation is far from happy, as they even have no decent toilet facilities but to go into the nature.
As there are no sponsors supporting the orphanage there is no regular incoming money flow and therefore the Venerable Ven. U Wee Shudha Mahathero and his orphanage are delivered on their own, from day to day, basis.

Project Proposal
With all gratitude, the Orphanage of “SANGHAMITTA SEBA SANGHA” will be grateful to obtain a project to rebuild their housing facilities and they, like the other orphanages and villages all who have absolutely no national or international support in this area, will be delighted to obtain poverty alleviation programmes to enhance and establish self support and self reliance, which is the best solution for independency.Having a visit at the Orphanage of “SANGHAMITTA SEBA SANGHA” as how it looks today:

Children are posting with His Venerable Ven. U Wee Shudha Mahathero in front
of their Pagoda Having showed some pictures of the living circumstances of the Monk and the Children also a new construction is very welcome to improve their livelihood conditions.
Struggling from day to day to survive, His Venerable Ven. U Wee Shudha Mahathero is appealing for help as he is suffering to assure protection, shelter and love for his children.
His Venerable Ven. U Wee Shudha Mahathero writes:
Orphanage Problems: Now the children are not in good situation. Our houses are very old and poor. Food is also a very big problem here. Now the season is rainy season. In this season, children are suffering more than other season. Nobody thinks selflessly to the children.
Would you like to think a bit of the children? Please try to find or manage an Agency or a Donor who will be able to help children. Otherwise, the children will die in starvation. They are our future. So, everybody needs to share the sympathy to the children. They are very much destitute and helpless. We need to think them as our own children.

“May every living being, drowning and adrift, soon return to the Pure Land of Limitless Light”

MayGod bless you.
Venerable Ven. U Wee Shudha Mahathero

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  • Garden project, vegetables, small animals
  • Water-well with hand pump
  • Housing project
Designs of construction are presented in the following pages of the ANNEX with estimated costs and there is an appeal to find a donor to help to construct their better home.
Detailed designs and cost breakdowns can be presented if desired.
Construction design of the Orphanage of
With global summary of construction costs

Summary of construction Costs
The following list presents the costs related to the designs presented in the ANNEX on the pages 10 until 15.
A** Page 10 , Study or Prayer, Estimated costs in Tk (7,27,000 Taka)
B**Page 11, Store Room , , Estimated costs in Tk (1,94,000 Taka)
C**Page 12, Office , , Estimated costs in Tk (7,35,000 Taka)
D** Page13, Dinning-room with Kitchen , Estimated costs in Tk (7,88,000 Taka)
E** Page14, Hostel Estimated costs in Tk (10,02,000 Taka)
F** Page15, Toilet complex Estimated costs in Tk ( 5,03,000 Taka)
Unforeseen Costs and Price Fluctuations (10%) 3,95,000
Note: * and ** may indicate degree of importance!
The total estimated cost is Taka 4,344,000 equivalent to USD 66,800 or EURO 51,100.
The total estimated costs is calculated and presented on
the 1st of September 2005 and based on local market prices. Due to price fluctuations which are strongly increasing a 10% yearly, an “Unforeseen” cost factor is added to the needed budget, resulting in a total of 43,44,000 Taka. The Taka exchange rate to the USD is 65 Taka ~ 1 USD or 85 Taka to the EURO.

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